Machine Safety

At Advance Electrical, we believe that any machine part or production process that might cause injury in a workplace should be safeguarded. Safety products are installed in potentially hazardous areas to safeguard workers from injury and protect equipment from being damaged. Our comprehensive product line of safety components can guarantee to meet even the most demanding functional safety requirements. Our machine safety solutions can help preserve productivity in the workplace, eliminate the risk of accidents or injuries, and secure a safe and healthy work environment for all.

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Machine Safety Products by Advance Electrical

Advance Electrical offers a complete range of safety products and systems from trusted manufacturers. The types of machine safety products we offer include:

Safety Controllers

Our safety controller products provide a high level of fail-safe operation that protects both the operator and the machine.  Safety controllers typically consist of a master unit configured with programming software and feature self-diagnosis function and safety integrity to meet industry standards. Our safety controllers offer 24VDC voltage and 2.5 to 6 Watt (W) power consumption.

Safety Light Curtains

The main function of a safety light curtain is to constantly scan for potential interference of the infrared beam in a machine process. Simply put, light curtains use presence detection between a transmitter and receiver. It has beams in various spacing configurations similar to curtain blinds. Our light curtains offer a range of 10 m to 15m sensing distance and 9 mm to 25 mm optical axis pitch.

Safety Switches

Safety switches are designed to quickly switch off the electricity supply if an electrical fault happens. This safety device minimizes the risk of electric shock, electricity-related fires, injury, and death. We offer around 200 safety rated switches, including safety door interlock switches, safety emergency stop buttons, and safety non-contact door switches.

Safeguard Your Manufacturing Operations With Machine Safety Products From Advance Electrical!

Whether you need safety controllers, power devices, switches, or related components for machine safety, Advance Electrical can provide you with the highest quality and innovative products on the market today!

We are a reliable automation controls and electrical components solutions provider who are always ready to collaborate with you to address your specific requirements, including your machine safety needs.

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