A sensor is a device characterized by the exchange of some type of input and output. The input is often a stimulus from its surroundings, such as light, heat, pressure, moisture, or movement. When the sensor detects any of these, it responds with an output that is typically a signal. This indicator could either be displayed at the sensor's location or transmitted electronically for additional processing.

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Advance Electrical is a provider of automation control systems and electrical components with a strong emphasis on serving small to mid-sized original equipment manufacturers and system integrators. In addition, we offer a vast selection of sensor devices for various applications, including measuring temperature, gauging distance, detecting smoke, regulating pressure, and many others.

Types of Sensors Offered by Advance Electrical

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Sensors are often classified by the environmental parameters they monitor. We offer the following types of sensor devices:

1. Photoelectric Sensors

Photoelectric sensors use a light transmitter — usually an infrared light transmitter — and a photoelectric receiver to determine an object’s distance, absence, or presence. They are frequently utilized in industrial production.

Advance Electrical’s photoelectric sensors are equipped with one of the following sensing types:  

Diffuse reflective (narrow beam or plastic case)



Polarized retroreflective

Transmitted beam

Background suppressor reflective

Photo Micro

2. Proximity Sensors

Proximity sensors are common, reliable, and durable solutions for applications requiring non-contact detections. They are employed for object detection and positioning applications. Advance Electrical’s sensors feature long distance sensing ranges (up to 50 mm sensing distance) and are available in cable or cable connector types.

3. Vision Sensors

Vision sensors utilize images captured by camera lenses to determine the target object’s presence, size, shape, orientation, color, or patterns. They also integrate a single sensor with image acquisition and processing for multipoint inspections. Advance Electrical offers vision sensors with focal lengths ranging from 8 mm to 25 mm with minimum sensing distances of either 50 mm, 100 mm, or 200 mm.

4. Fiber Optic Sensors

Fiber optic sensors measure physical parameters — such as temperature, pressure, tension, voltages, and acceleration — using fiber optic technology. They are resistant to electromagnetic interference and can withstand extreme conditions, making them the preferred devices for multiple industries. At Advance Electrical, our sensors are outfitted with either red or green LED light sources and four-digit, seven-segment LED displays.

5. Pressure Sensors

Pressure sensors are used widely in machinery, automobiles, aircraft, HVAC systems, and other settings to detect the pressure of a liquid or gas. In addition, they are applied to monitor the flow of gasses or liquids to regulate them. Advance Electrical provides sensors with varying cable lengths from 2 mm to 3 mm with an ambient temperature of -10 ºC to 50 ºC.

6. Area Sensors

Area sensors are convenient, general purpose light screens used to detect passing of objects in specified areas. They are composed of two elements: an emitter and a receiver. At Advance Electrical, our area sensors have sensing distances of 0.1 to 5 m and 0.1 to 7 m with 850 nm modulated infrared LED.

7. Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensors can determine the temperature of a gas, liquid, or air target medium. They are used in various applications and settings, including appliances, automobiles, computers, greenhouses, and thermostats. Advance Electrical’s products are available in 72 x 85 x 200 mm or 60 x 80 x 33.5 mm sizes, with sensor pole lengths ranging from 100 mm to 200 mm, or as built-in models.

8. Displacement Sensors

Displacement sensors can measure thickness, width, level difference, disparity, curve, evenness of target objects by detecting the amount of displacement using laser beams. Most of Advance Electrical’s products have Ingress Protection (IP) 40 and are approved by the European Conformity (CE), Korean Certification (KE), and Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS).

9. Door Sensors

Door sensors are security devices that detect an object or a person at an entrance to prevent the doors from closing. They are usually available with LEDs to signal the door’s movement. Moreover, there are various sensors, including surface mount, rollerball, overhead, pull-apart, and recessed.

Advance Electrical also offers the following products: 

Fiber optic cables

Pressure transmitters

Rotary encoders

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